Legal Aid & Family Hotline for Persons with Autism in HK 

This hotline service was first established on 15 May 2015, and extended to family support in 6 September 15, 2015.

This hotline is funded & operated by Autism Hong Kong





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熱線號碼 Hotline Number :  554-224-54  (服務時間 Service Hours: 0700 2400)

傳呼機 Pager : +852- 7102-7454  /  Whatsapp:  +852-554-224-54 / 

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Notes to Non-Chinese Speaking Service Users to this Autism Hotline


1.     This Hotline ONLY provide telephone enquiry services to matters related with persons / families with member of autism.

2.     This Hotline is funded and managed by Autism Hong Kong (AHK), a self-help group comprised of volunteers.

3.     NO Government funding was received for the operation of this Hotline. 

4.     This Hotline is managed by non-paid volunteers and NO paid staff is hired by AHK.

5.     This Hotline or Autism Hong Kong will NOT provid direct services to service users.

6.     We are unable to follow up on matters of general social welfare / financial / educational / vocational / counselling needs. 

7.     If you are looking for the above needs in item 6, you are advised to approach the following government / government funded non-governmental organizations

           Hong Kong Government Hotline 1823

Hotline of Social Welfare Department, Hong Kong Government2343-2255
     Consular Posts / Representatives in Hong Kong

Non-governmental organizations funded by the Hong Kong Government



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